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Quality Kebabs in Lincolnshire

Welcome to Kirks Quality Kebabs

Kebab Meat Wholesale

Kirks Kebabs, offer both raw and cooked meat packages and have a national distribution network of wholesalers from Lands End to John O' Groats.

We do all the work for you! Kirks not only make the kebabs, before distribution we also cook the kebabs, hand slice the kebab meat and pack the cooked sliced kebab meat into convenient 4.54K boxes.

Once you receive the product all you have to do is take the desired portion out of the box and simply reheat (Microwave or Oven) and serve in pitta breads, bread baps or just with chips and salad.

An increasingly popular use for kebab meat is for filling in either a Tortilla or Nan Bread. The possibilities are endless!

Here at Kirks there is a large range of traditional favourites from Tikka to Chicken and Doner Meat. If you would like to find out more on any package simply visit the relevant link at the top of the page. We specialise in Kebab Meat Wholesale. Strictly trade only.

Kirks Kebabs

A simple heat and serve product.

Highly Versatile and a 100% usable product, No Waste!

Quality Kebabs in Lincolnshire

Recommended Retail Prices;

To see more on the prices of our Raw and Cooked doner products please click here.

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